Friday, 8 April 2011

Leeds: A haven.

Yesterday we cruised into Leeds, Clarence Dock...and plan to stay till Wed morning, after buying a few extra mooring days with elec.:) Just a time to chill and enjoy a larger city for a bit, with access to Halfords and other shops:) I bought a new battery charger today, after burning out the last one.....I realise now that I shouldnt have connected it to the entire bank....would have been fine if the bank was relatively charged, but it wasnt, and I think it was too small for the job. The new charger has a lovely digital display which makes it easy to see what the state of charge is....information is power, and comforting:) Nothing worse than looking at a battery you like me?:) Weather is great, and I'm looking forward to a weekend of chilling and enjoying the shops with the kids. I seriously thought I had lost my wallet this afternoon, but found it had dropped down into the propshaft area under the stern floor. Relief when I found it.:)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Battery issues :)

We had a great cruise from Wakefield, up to Castleford, and along the river towards Leeds, finding a nice spot to stop for the night, next to Lemonroyds Marina...a lovely place. Found that all that cruising hadn't charged the batteries an ounce. I found one of the older batteries hadnt any ionised water in it. Bought some this morning, moored up for a night in the marina on shore power and recharging the whole bunch. Measurements are showing a stedy increase in the battery bank levels so I'm hoping tomorrow will be more successful. Also took my generator apart today, and carried a 5Litre tank of petrol back to the boat, mixed in some 2stroke oil and blew out a blocked fuel line, plus fixed the pulley gearing, and the gennie started up first time. At least our back up power option is now working. It's been a gloriously sunny day and we've walked twice to the nearby Lidls, carrying over 10kg per trip...madness. (Once to fetch petrol etc, and later with M to go shopping...aaarrghhhh!) :) The tv reception isnt that great here...I need to go on the roof and adjust the aerial. Leeds is about 2.5hrs cruising away, through 4 locks. We'll be setting out midday tomorrow....with fully charged batteries I hope. Plan C is to toss the faulty one, and either buy a new one (a truck battery from a guy I met at the marina) or use the ones we have stored...smaller car ones, but the more the merrier :) The cat piddled on me today. (well...I lifted it while it was doing it's thing, without me knowing...silly me :)

Monday, 4 April 2011

We've made it to the end of the world...

Well..nearly the end of the world..:) 2 days travelling through some peaceful canals and rivers, and we're settled in for the night in Wakefield. Kids are MUCH more active than when land-based.....eating loads, and passing out early. We still need to find a way to rise earlier..this morning was REALLY bad :) I was up an hour before everyone..really peaceful on the canal in the morning...we have 400litres of water left, and a toilet which has already been replaced with the spare, which is soon going to be full too...oh...where to empty them....tomorrow the search for that Elsan point is on. Luckily we're moored just round the corner from a Halfords, and I need to buy some oil, spare fuses and ...erm...possibly another toilet storage container. Sorry to harp on about the loo....but it's a real practical priority when you live onboard :) The 400litres of water will probably be finished by midday tomorrow, but there are places to refill along the way. I need to get my 950Watt generator running started once last month, but hasnt this space :) The layout on the boat is working well. Kids in the front. M and I at the rear. Jac in the middle. Cat has made itself comfortable in the front. At the moment the rear cabin has the desk layout, but later those go under the bed, and the cabin transforms into sleeping quarters. There's a condensation drip on M's feet though, which I need to sort out soon...going to redirect it rather than solve it...Missing our friends and family, but really enjoying the change in pace...(it's faster, yet more relaxing....strange that.) More updates and pics soon.