Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Bye Bye Leeds.

We left Leeds at midday, retracing our steps back towards Castleford, because I dont want to stray too far at this stage..need to stay in the area till end of May. It was a gentle cruise down a handful of automated commercial (big) locks today, and eventually drifted into a place we stayed in a week ago on the way to Leeds. This time though, we aren't planning on paying to stay in the marina..we're tying up across the canal on the other side, which is a great place to make lots of noise without disturbing people. I'm hoping to grind off some rust spots and put some paint on the fire truck red.....I tried some in Leeds...and I think it works rather well :) No one else has got such a red boat, which makes it stick out a bit, which is nice. We're all in bed in the front..Jac in the middle, and M and I in the back cabin....the coldest part of the boat...but cosy. I sleep like a log in this boat...and waking up is hard...this morning it was really dark, until I pulled out a porthole cover and the sun pierced the darkness. Will upload some pics soon. Nite nite.