Thursday, 12 May 2011

A month in a marina

Sorry for the lack of recent posts....but what do you say when you are tied up in a marina for a month...:) Yes we have elec hookup, shops, and the luxury of showers, toilets and more....but I'd prefer to be cruising...which we'll do as soon as our teenage son has finished his exams. 5 in all. 1 down, 2 next week, 2 the week after....I have to drive him to an external exam centre down in Dronfield, so we're moored in Sheffield at the moment....after having travelled up the Tinsley flight at the beginning of the month. Dave and Derrick are 2 helpful lock operators..with good memories. The last time I went down the flight was last October, after having bought the boat from CV Marine. We got to lock 12, got a jacket caught in the prop, engine overheated, and the clutch jammed. Had to call for help, and obviously left an impression :) I'd say we are much better boat handlers now, than a few months ago.

Sheffield is the end of the line when it comes to canals....a dead end...but a lovely city... I had arranged to park the car for April/May at the Sheffield casino...long term parking. (to use it to get son to exams.) In retrospect, it would be easier to catch a train to the exam centre, but you learn as you go. Where do I put the car for June, July, August....onwards,....I DONT KNOW....:) Time to start planning that!