Friday, 8 April 2011

Leeds: A haven.

Yesterday we cruised into Leeds, Clarence Dock...and plan to stay till Wed morning, after buying a few extra mooring days with elec.:) Just a time to chill and enjoy a larger city for a bit, with access to Halfords and other shops:) I bought a new battery charger today, after burning out the last one.....I realise now that I shouldnt have connected it to the entire bank....would have been fine if the bank was relatively charged, but it wasnt, and I think it was too small for the job. The new charger has a lovely digital display which makes it easy to see what the state of charge is....information is power, and comforting:) Nothing worse than looking at a battery you like me?:) Weather is great, and I'm looking forward to a weekend of chilling and enjoying the shops with the kids. I seriously thought I had lost my wallet this afternoon, but found it had dropped down into the propshaft area under the stern floor. Relief when I found it.:)