Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Battery issues :)

We had a great cruise from Wakefield, up to Castleford, and along the river towards Leeds, finding a nice spot to stop for the night, next to Lemonroyds Marina...a lovely place. Found that all that cruising hadn't charged the batteries an ounce. I found one of the older batteries hadnt any ionised water in it. Bought some this morning, moored up for a night in the marina on shore power and recharging the whole bunch. Measurements are showing a stedy increase in the battery bank levels so I'm hoping tomorrow will be more successful. Also took my generator apart today, and carried a 5Litre tank of petrol back to the boat, mixed in some 2stroke oil and blew out a blocked fuel line, plus fixed the pulley gearing, and the gennie started up first time. At least our back up power option is now working. It's been a gloriously sunny day and we've walked twice to the nearby Lidls, carrying over 10kg per trip...madness. (Once to fetch petrol etc, and later with M to go shopping...aaarrghhhh!) :) The tv reception isnt that great here...I need to go on the roof and adjust the aerial. Leeds is about 2.5hrs cruising away, through 4 locks. We'll be setting out midday tomorrow....with fully charged batteries I hope. Plan C is to toss the faulty one, and either buy a new one (a truck battery from a guy I met at the marina) or use the ones we have stored...smaller car ones, but the more the merrier :) The cat piddled on me today. (well...I lifted it while it was doing it's thing, without me knowing...silly me :)