Thursday, 18 August 2011

August in a nutshell.

Sorry for not blogging sooner :) Early Aug we left the boat for a week, to do some youth camp bookshop work, but very glad to be back onboard. Had a lovely time travelling through the Trent and Mersey tunnels, to the Anderton Boat Lift...we have photos, but have lost the cable that connects to the camera, thus a bit of a delay on those. One of the big differences which has come about, is the need to start collecting wood for the winter months, so I've bought a bow saw, and have started chopping up every piece of spare wood along the system, and storing logs on the boat roof. Had to reshuffle everything on the roof first, which was a mission, but it's done. Another epic project we've done, was to reroute the engine hot air vent piping, so when the boat isnt cruising, we can fold them down, put up a wooden deck above the engine, creating a chillspot, which I've covered with carpeting, cushions etc. We painted the engine room walls "fruits of the forest / purple maroon" which has change the whole feel of this area of the boat. MUCH BETTER. I'm actually lying in this deck area now, in the engine room, with the Lister SR3 tucked away under me. A creative solution thats paid off. We always felt the engine room was wasted space. No more :)