Sunday, 12 June 2011

Rain, fuel, and other ramblings.

We're moored in Doncaster at the moment...and have been for 2days. Decided to put the new alternator in again (for the 2nd time), because the first time I wired it in wrong. Glad to say it's now in and WORKING :) I ran the engine for 1,5hrs earlier, and it's made a difference. When we arrived, the moorings were mostly full, but I managed to get the bow against the moorings, with the rest of the boat stuck out at sea. Have to keep reminding myself not to jump out the back engine hatch or I'll be in the drink. The cat tried it. Close call:)

It rained all day today. Very peaceful though. Kids took off to the Frenchgate shopping mall down the road. They like the Apple store. Being a Sunday we visited a church, about a 30min walk legs are still burning. It's become an interesting phenomena, visiting different churches as we travel...but a neccessary one. We arrived in one place, and our teenager visited a local youthgroup, who he discovered were leaving on a weekend we got a call to say he wanted to go with...and off he went. You have to be ready for almost anything living on a boat, with kids.

Fuel is the lates struggle. Cant find anyone selling the stuff....on the canals that is.....