Monday, 30 May 2011

5 day count down

This is it! 5 days preparation, a weekend at friends, and we leave next Monday....( must remember to book the Tinsley locks ). I cant wait. I dont mind the hardships of daily boat life, as long as I can keep moving. It's a strange thing long as I'm moving, I feel a happier person..cant explain it...narrowboats are strangely solid at wouldnt think we're floating on water right now...except perhaps the fact that one side of the bed is higher than the other ....since we filled up one of the extra water tanks higher than the other perhaps. This week will be one of preparation...check/buy gas, diesel, recharge batteries. Fix a leak in the shower nozzle. Build a better battery box cover. Re-organise the roof storage. Buy a small tv for the kids. Connect up the running 20metres of cable along the boat roof somehow...not recommended...but simpler:) I gave the engine room a paint last week, and our back cabin walls a recoat yesterday...They were getting scratched. My youngest bought a pirates toothbrush the boat life seems to have taken his fancy. Painted the shower base last spray job started flaking. This latest attempt should last longer and a recoat will be simple anyway. Kids have been warned. 1 week left of PCs. Next week, they'll be back to life on a boat...not life on a boat connected to land :)